Portfolio rebalancing

At Elston we believe that the strategic asset allocation decision – which takes into account an investor’s risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals – is a crucial decision in the portfolio construction process. This is because asset allocation is ultimately a major driver of the variation of returns for a given portfolio. While all investments carry some level of risk, typically the higher the potential return the higher the risk too.

Due to potentially significant differences in the performances of the underlying investments across the various asset classes, it is possible that over time a portfolio will drift substantially from its original strategic asset allocation.

While understandable that investors wish to maximize returns, following a period of outperformance by growth assets an investor’s portfolio could be exposed to the risk of future losses greater than they are comfortable with. Conversely, following a period of weak performance from growth assets the investor’s portfolio could be at increased risk of not achieving the long term return requirement needed to meet their financial goals.

It is therefore important that investors review their portfolio and strategy periodically, rebalancing their portfolio as required to ensure risk and return characteristics consistent with their stated long term goals and objectives.

Obviously no universally optimal rebalancing strategy exists, and practical considerations such as the transaction costs associated with each trade executed as well as potential tax consequences cannot be ignored.

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