Elston Tactical Asset Allocation Q2 2020

How do you position a portfolio for a post pandemic economy?

With the economy taking a peek out from behind the COVID curtain, Ausbiz spoke to Elston co-founder Andrew McKie about the challenges and opportunities for portfolio managers moving forward. Read more

Agile Portfolio

Are your clients' portfolios fragile or agile?

COVID-19 has everyone thinking about their health and the safety of the people around them. Unfortunately, that’s not the only stress in people’s lives. The disruptive effects of the virus have Australians thinking about the economy, and the apparent fragility of their investment portfolios. Read more

7 reasons why SMAs are right for today

While many things are difficult to predict, one thing is clear. Managed accounts make more sense than ever. Don’t believe us? Here are seven reasons that might change your mind. Read more

How can advisers offer a helping hand in a time of social distancing?

Usually when markets start swinging wildly, financial advisers start reaching out to their clients, and making themselves available for as many meetings as possible. But of course, this crisis is different. Read more

Got Bonds in your sights?

While most people are looking forward to James Bond returning to our screens in No Time To Die, not everybody’s thrilled with the returns from their Government Bonds. Read more

After a blur of uncertainty, what should we focus on?

With recent market movements happening so fast, it’s important to keep your focus. In this article we focus on what we know, what we don’t know and how Elston SMAs are being positioned for the future. Read more

Brambles: A business on the move

The stock in focus this month is Brambles Limited (BXB), a business that keeps things moving with pooled pallet solutions and information management systems. Read more

EAM Investment Focus: After tax

As managed accounts continue to grow in popularity, a large amount of the narrative in our industry has revolved around the efficiency managed accounts can deliver for advisers, both in time saved in outsourcing investment management, lowering investment costs and reducing compliance work. Read more

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