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UK banks move into Virgin territory

The stock in focus this month is CYBG (CYB). CYBG is a full service UK bank previously owned by NAB. After years of underperformance CYB was demerged in 2016. Read more

Our new structure for the future

After 10 successful years, Elston Group is looking towards steady growth in the future. Elston shareholders have always wanted strong, experienced voices at the table who can bring their own perspectives to key discussions and decisions. Read more

Are term deposits defensive?

At first glance the answer may seem obvious, but is it? That depends on what an investor is looking to protect against. There is no doubt that term deposits offer capital stability and given the government deposit guarantee, are virtually risk-free. Read more

Are grocery shop owners off their trolley?

With the rise of e-commerce, you might be tempted to think that the traditional grocery shop is on the way out. But is it? While certainly facing a competitive threat, bricks and mortar grocery stores also have a couple of important advantages over the pure online retailer. Read more

IMAP win puts Elston on the Radar

After winning at the IMAP Awards two years in a row, Elston Asset Management may not be flying under the radar for much longer. Read more

Everything you need to know about the 2019 Federal Budget

On April 2nd, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg released his government's budget. While predicting a small deficit this year, the forecasts included a budget surplus of $7 billion in 2019/20, after 12 years of deficits. The budget is most noticeable for promised tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Read more

Share Buybacks – The Pros and Cons

A share buyback gives existing shareholders the option to sell their personal stakes back to the company. Read more

Elston Explorers

In the early hours of 20 January, 17 Elston staff boarded a flight bound for Nepal, the first of many steps during this life-changing adventure. Read more

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