Where to mine for new blue chips

Published on Livewire Finding those emerging blue-chip companies that offer the prospect of lower risk, higher growth and a safe haven to escape volatility isn’t easy. So what characteristics determines a bedrock of future success? Read more

Where’s Worley?

After a strategic refocus for the business, it’s worth looking at where Worley is now. The acquisition of Jacobs ECR has helped Worley to diversify away from its historical reliance upon hydrocarbons to also include chemicals, mining, modern power solutions and infrastructure. Read more

The 12 books of Christmas

With the calendar year drawing to a close and holiday downtime upon us, the Elston Asset Management team has compiled a list of their all-time favorite reads to help fill your period of relaxation. Hopefully their suggestions contain something of interest for everyone. Read more

Stocks to shine a spotlight on

As seen live on Ausbiz. Portfolio Manager Bruce Williams shares his stock tips with Ausbiz Read more

Governance & the role it plays in model management

Published on Praemium Praemium’s Damian Cilmi talked to CEO Nick Revis about all things governance on their latest podcast Read more

12 stocks for the next selloff

Published on Livewire What stocks are on three fund managers watch list? And what shares would they have on their watchlists to buy if (or when) prices take another dive. Read more

Beware of a cyclical sell-off

Published on Livewire Are stock prices in a bubble that could be pricked at any time – either by rising interest rates, a rapid end to central banks' monetary stimulus or some other external shock (and few would discount the latter given what's happened since last March)? Read more

Bull or bear? 3 fundies on how they’re positioned for the (next) recovery

Published on Livewire The “reopening trade” was a dominant topic among investors as recently as just a few months ago, as we lifted our heads and began to imagine a life without lockdowns, strict social distancing and other measures that have become commonplace. Is now the time to bullish, bearish – or something else entirely? Read more

The planes don't fly, so is SYD still a buy?

Published on LiveWire
Sydney Airport and Transurban have been steady long-term performers. Whilst explosive growth is not a characteristic associated with infrastructure stocks, the stable and predictable earnings from their strategic assets make them an attractive proposition. Read more

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