Is the Glass Half Full for Amcor?

Amcor (AMC) is a global packaging manufacturer that’s positive about the future. With an incredible amount of focus on single-use plastics and recycling, AMC is looking to identify innovative solutions and quickly bring them to market. Read more

Finding winners in the mighty mid-caps

Published on Livewire
In this thematic episode of Buy Hold Sell, Livewire Markets' Bella Kidman sits down with Bruce and Catherine to talk all things midcaps, where they're seeing opportunity in the space. Plus, they'll share one mid-cap stock that has been misunderstood by the market.  Read more

What will the ASX 20 look like in 10 years?

Published on Livewire With trends leaning towards tech and healthcare and steering away from petroleum producers and TelCos, in ten years what will the ASX 20 look like? Read more

Running a managed account marathon

Published in Financial Standard Managed Accounts Magazine
Elston Asset Management has been running managed accounts for quite a few years now. So, apart from blisters and scuffed knees, what have we picked up along the way? Read more

Banks, biotechs and BNPL - the fundamentals of the ASX-20

Published on Livewire
In order to understand what the future of the ASX-20 will look like, I reached out to two of Australia's top mid-cap fund managers. In part 1 of this two-part Collection, the experts analyse what makes a top Australian company and predict what sectors we may see more of in the coming decades. Read more

A shot in the arm for the economy?

As we welcome 2021, Covid-19 remains front-of-mind given the economic damage inflicted last year as governments scrambled to flatten the infection curve. Read more

When will Sydney Airport take off? (ASX: SYD)

Sydney Airport (ASX: SYD) is a reasonably new portfolio acquisition that has been topical with clients given the current environment of partial domestic and full international travel restrictions. Read more

Elston: A large-cap focus

Published on Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report
Founder & Portfolio Manager of Elston, Andrew McKie, discusses its large-cap focus & which stocks he likes in the ASX50. Read more

The 4 sectors best positioned to ride the recovery

Published on Livewire.
In this video, Andrew explains why he is ultra-bullish when considering the next three years for large-cap Aussie equities, the sectors he believes are positioned best to ride the recovery, detailing his preferred travel play and provides his thesis for the one ASX company that is still undervalued despite its stellar run. Read more

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