Elston: A large-cap focus

Published on Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report
Founder & Portfolio Manager of Elston, Andrew McKie, discusses its large-cap focus & which stocks he likes in the ASX50. Read more

The 4 sectors best positioned to ride the recovery

Published on Livewire.
In this video, Andrew explains why he is ultra-bullish when considering the next three years for large-cap Aussie equities, the sectors he believes are positioned best to ride the recovery, detailing his preferred travel play and provides his thesis for the one ASX company that is still undervalued despite its stellar run. Read more

The one stock to watch this reporting season

Published on Livewire.
February is one of the most anticipated months of the year. Not because of Valentines Day, Chinese New Year or even the hot weather. No, February is the month to watch for Australian investors as reporting season kicks off. Read more

A baptism of fire: How chaos can help forge clear vision

Published on Livewire.
Leon de Wet shares the values he and his team have learnt from both the GFC and the COVID-19 financial crisis, as well as the opportunities that he sees in large-cap Aussie stocks for the year ahead. Read more

We could be waiting quite a while

We recently wrote about the ongoing pain for savers, given the likelihood of very low cash and deposit rates going forward. Unfortunately, this outlook has been reaffirmed by the latest RBA announcements. Read more

A healthy outlook for Ramsay (ASX: RHC)

Ramsay Health Care (ASX: RHC) is a global health care company with a reputation for operating high-quality services and delivering excellent patient care. Ramsay facilities cater for a broad range of health care needs from primary care to highly complex surgery, as well mental health care and rehabilitation. Read more

Elston Asset Management is growing

Read what Money Management Australia has to say about Artem Zainitdinov and David Seager, joining the team. Read more

Reporting Season Update

Reporting Season Update

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