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Focused on the big end of town

After many years of ASX specialisation we were able to sharpen our focus even more, dedicating our research and analysis on a very narrow universe of just the top 100 companies.

“Active investment with a strict focus on just the top 100 companies has proven to work, time and again.”

Elston Co-founder and Portfolio Manager Andrew McKie
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Australian Large Companies Fund

We believe that knowing everything that we can about the companies in our universe gives us a real advantage. It means we have a deep understanding of the companies inside and outside of our portfolio. We’re focused on the detail that can deliver opportunities.

A fund that's true to label

A fund that's true to label

Elston has a reputation as a disciplined investment manager. One of our non-negotiables is our investment universe. This fund will never drift down to ASX200 or ASX300. We are absolutely true to label.

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Want to know more?

If you would like more information, please contact our Distribution Team.

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