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Tailoring your SMSF

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Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) account for almost a third of the total value of assets in Australia’s superannuation system. What makes them popular is the sense of greater control. But SMSFs also comes with big responsibilities. To help you understand the role of a trustee, and see how you can tailor your fund to meet your goals, we have put together this free guide for you.

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A fund with flexibility

There are some things that are easier to achieve with a self managed super fund, especially when compared to a retail or industry fund. Elston wealth adviser Damon Bensein explains.

“By helping me to structure my super fund correctly, and creating an investment strategy that’s tailored to my goals, Elston have given me greater confidence in the direction I’m taking.”

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Greater control.<br>More transparency.

Greater control.
More transparency.

People are often attracted to a self managed super fund because they want to see the assets they own, and have greater control over investment decisions. At Elston we can help you achieve these goals, and advise you on ways to make your fund tax effective.

SMSF specialists

SMSF specialists

If you’d like some guidance from advisers who have years of experience in SMSF structure and administration, Elston has a team of highly credentialed specialists who can help you to work through the complexities and create a simple solution that’s tailored to you.

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