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Asset Management

What we do

Elston is one of the largest privately owned financial services companies in Australia, currently managing over a billion dollars in assets making us one of Australia’s largest* providers of Managed Account Solutions.

Established in 2011, we are focused on delivering conservative investment solutions to help investors build and preserve their wealth.  We have established a consistent track record of strong risk-adjusted returns through a consistent, methodical approach to investment.

Elston brings experience and a disciplined investment process as the manager responsible for constructing the portfolio and the ongoing monitoring and rebalancing of a variety of managed account investment vehicles.

*Referenced in 2016 IMAP Managed Account Survey

The Elston advantage

We have a well-established record of excellent investment performance, based on a proven investment philosophy and process. Because everyone is different, our service is designed for individuality.

A team of eight highly experienced investment specialists form independent investment views (our portfolio managers have an average of 19 years experience with no turnover), to ensure the best outcome.

Our capabilities include:

  • A rigorous investment platform and systems formed on a proven investment philosophy and process
  • Creating customised portfolios depending on investor’s risk profile, investment goals and personal preferences
  • Forming independent investment views from a team of 8 investment professionals, average portfolio manager experience is 19 years with no turnover
  • Managing conservatively positioned, after-tax, and risk customised portfolios
  • Utilising the latest algorithmic trading to process orders efficiently, ensuring that portfolios trade settle on time, every time
  • Smart rebalancing and constant monitoring and surveillance of portfolios to ensure positions or asset class exposures don’t drift outside of set guidelines
  • Delivering timely astute analysis, commentary and presentations making it easy to keep clients well informed
  • Sophisticated after-tax management and individual parcel tracking and portfolio grouping to maximise after tax return alpha
  • Data integration to reduce administrative overheads

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