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Change through Philanthropy

Structured giving is about creating change. At Elston we help philanthropists and NPOs to make a greater impact and transform lives.

Bringing families together

Bringing families together

Philanthropy can be enormously satisfying, especially when it brings generations together to share in a common purpose. Over the years we’ve enjoyed seeing the transformation in families as the discussions have turned from retirement plans and business succession to an exploration of values.

There is a genuine joy in discovering a new purpose and sharing that with the people you love. We have been fortunate to be a part of those journeys.

“Elston helps us to optimise our investment opportunities to ensure the Foundation can keep giving into the future”

Brett O'Brien Director of the James Frizelle Charitable Foundation

Elston Giving Foundation

We believe that giving should be simple, effective and rewarding. That’s why we created the Elston Giving Foundation. The Foundation is a public ancillary fund that makes it easy for you to establish a named sub fund to support your philanthropic strategy. You receive an immediate tax deduction for the money you donate into the fund, and you have the flexibility to distribute the funds to charity over time. Read our brochure to learn more.

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Not For Profits

The role of a Not For Profit organisation is as rewarding as it is challenging. You have a mission and a passion to create positive change in the world. But you also carry heavy responsibilities. As a committed investment partner for Not-for-Profit organisations, we understand the problems board members and trustees face. We can assist with everything from governance frameworks through to sophisticated portfolio management.

Susan's passion inspires us

Susan's passion inspires us

Susan Chenoweth is one of Australia’s most accomplished not-for-profit leaders. Prior to joining Elston, she held philanthropy roles at Mutual Trust, Australian Philanthropic Services and University of Queensland. By bringing this experience and her passion for giving to Elston, Susan has been able to ensure that our philanthropic and NFP services keep growing and improving so you can do more.

Contact Susan

Change Makers Forums

Elston Change Makers is a series of forums that was created to bring philanthropists and charities together. The evenings also help to shine a light on causes that may not be getting the attention they deserve. If you’re interested in attending our next event, watch our video to see how these forums are connecting people from different parts of the community who are united in their passion to create change.

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News and events

What does giving give you

What does giving give you?

Treasurer Jim Chalmers is implementing Stage three tax cuts from 1 July 2024. When it comes to philanthropy and giving, this means that for donations made this year, a higher tax deduction will be possible, in comparison to next year. Read more

EOFY Philanthropy

The season of giving

We often refer to Christmas as the season for giving. But in reality, EOFY is one of the most popular times for philanthropy. When reviewing your client’s affairs, it's worthwhile to discuss the merits of structured giving or supporting a charity. Read more

Changing the discussion on disability

The Change Makers events shine a light on the transformative work being undertaken in communities right now. At our most recent forum, we focused on the people who are creating new ways for disability to be turned into ability. Read more

Effective ways to donate to charity

With the festive season fast approaching, giving back becomes front of mind for many of us. Those with children or younger family members also start to think about how to use this time of year to teach our loved ones that much joy comes from what you give and not what you receive. Read more

Directing the matrix: Meeting the advice needs of high net worth clients

HUB24 announced the launch of a new whitepaper, ‘Directing the matrix: meeting the advice needs of high net worth clients’. Read now to get insights from Elston Head of Philanthropic Services Susan Chenoweth and many other experienced advisers. Read more

Mission possible:
How investing can align with your mission

In recent years, charity, non-profit and philanthropic fiduciaries have started looking at how their investments can be better aligned with their missions. Is it possible? Read this article to find out more. Read more

University of Queensland
Change Makers Forum

Our Change Makers Forum at the University of Queensland brings together three pioneers in medical research who are striving to discover new solutions for some of the world's biggest health challenges. Read more

Opinion Piece: The Forrests have flipped from personal riches to philanthropy

See what Head of Philanthropic Services Susan Chenoweth thinks about the $5 billion donation of shares in Fortescue Metals Group by Andrew Forrest and his wife Nicola to their Minderoo Foundation. Read more

The end of the FY can also be a beginning

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, some of us are thinking about wrapping things up neatly in a bow and making sure we don’t get stuck with an unnecessarily large tax bill. But for others, the end of the financial year is a beginning. Read more

Sydney Change Makers Forum

Following on from the success of our inaugural philanthropy forum at Elston House in Brisbane, we gathered at the Art Gallery of NSW in March for another inspiring discussion. Our second forum was once again hosted by Elston’s Head of Philanthropic Services, Susan Chenoweth. Read more

The power of philanthropy on show
at the Art Gallery of NSW

Our second Change Makers Forum, which is also our first in Sydney, brings together three incredible women striving to achieve gender equality, invest in women, and improve opportunities for girls. Read more

Starting the Philanthropy Conversation

As interest in philanthropy grows, more and more professional advisers are wanting to talk to their clients about structured giving. And starting a conversation about Philanthropy does not have to be difficult. Read this article for some tips. Read more

Investing in Women

The discussion on our Change Makers Forum: Investing in Women night was fascinating and free flowing. Too dynamic to capture every exchange. But to give you a sense of the main points from the night, we’ve included some key excerpts in this article. Read more

Brisbane Change Makers Forum: Investing in Women

Our first forum shone a light on the need for gender equality and the transformative power of investing in women. To learn more about the change of thinking that's inspiring more and more philanthropists, browse through our resources page. Read more

HUB24 webinar with Susan Chenoweth at Elston

HUB24 Webinar: Structured giving and philanthropy

Published on HUB24 More Australians are looking to give with greater impact and are likely to turn to their trusted adviser for guidance. But are advisers equipped with the knowledge and tools to start the conversation? Read more

Susan Chenoweth

The Evolution of Philanthropy in Australia: Inside One of the World’s Most Generous Nations

Published on Markets Group When the giving gets tough, the tough... go to their professional advisors. The philanthropic space is complex, and clients need knowledgable professionals to help guide them through the giving process. Read more

A Simpler Way to Give to Causes Close to Your Heart

This February we launched a public ancillary fund called the Elston Giving Foundation. The foundation has been developed to make it easier for you to structure your giving in a simpler and tax effective way. Read more

We love putting our hands up

One of the things I love about working at Elston is the way we support great causes. That’s not a corporate thing. Read more

A Time To Give

The speed and magnitude of recent events have shocked us all. The floods have hit our neighbours, our friends, our workmates, our clients. And it’s hard to know how long the road to recovery may be. Read more

Susan Chenoweth giving her all to philanthropy

After an exhaustive search, Elston has found one of Australia’s most accomplished not-for-profit leaders in Susan Chenoweth.  Read more

Elston hires head of philanthropic services

Published on Financial Standard
Elston has welcomed a new head of philanthropic services, bringing 20 years' experience in similar roles. Susan Chenoweth has taken the role at Elston, joining from Australian Philanthropic Services where she served as head of the APS Foundation. Read more

Puzzled about what to do with your charity’s cash reserves?

For many charities and NFP organisations, managing cash reserves can be a real puzzle. How do you invest wisely so that services can be delivered sustainably in the future, while also making sure there’s enough cash available for current needs? Read more


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Philanthropy in action

Philanthropy in action

At Elston we believe in a better future for our people, for our clients and for the communities where we work. That’s why giving is part of our culture.

We have our own giving committee seeking our good causes and making grants each year. We’re always jumping into fun runs and volunteer work. And we love bringing charities and philanthropists together.

If you would like to find out more about our Philanthropy offering,
you can follow our Head of Philanthropic Services Susan Chenoweth on LinkedIn or contact us on 07 3211 9555.

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