Compounding Interest

Money Makes Money

The value of compounding interest is something that can be easily overlooked. That’s because it takes time to reap the rewards of this incredible financial powerhouse. Read more

Is the budget going to be the boost we need?

The Federal Treasurer has announced the budget for FY 20/21. It’s notable as the first budget released during a recession in a generation.  Read more

Time to spring clean your finances

We’ve all been cooped up with COVID these past few months (some of us more so than others). So Spring is a great time to throw open the doors, roll up your sleeves, crank up your favourite house cleaning music, and clean out those COVID cobwebs. Read more

How to maximise your pandemic pocket change

AFR asked six top CFPs what they would advise a 30-year-old, slightly above-average-income earner do to deploy $358 per week (or $18,616 per year) to help them reach their financial and life goals. Read more

Can this dollar help charities to buck the trend?

It’s been a tumultuous and difficult year for most Australians, but especially the charitable sector. That’s why, in a global first, the Australian Mint has started circulating the green and gold “Donation Dollar”. Read more

Tactics for retirees in 2020

In a recent interview with Ausbiz, Jessie Hinds discussed some tactics to help retirees navigate the volatile investment landscape of 2020. Read more

Are we hard wired to avoid big decisions?

Deep down, most of us probably know that life insurance is a good investment in our future. But we might be hard wired to avoid engaging with insurance enough to make a decision. Read more

67 is the New 65

The government has increased the super contribution age to 67. This change gives everyone under 67 more time to build up their super for retirement. Read more

Brisbane Financial Planner 2020

Brisbane in isolation: fitness apps and financial plans

Brisbane is an outdoor city. So what did the locals do, when they were stuck at home for large chunks of 2020? Not surprisingly, new recipes and fitness routines were quickly adopted. But many people, perhaps a bit shell shocked by the Covid crisis, also started to think about their financial future. Read more