The Adviceberg

What people think a financial adviser does, and what they really do, are often two very different things. At Elston we call this the adviceberg effect. At the tip of the adviceberg, people might see just one aspect of our work, e.g. investments. But below the surface, there’s so much more. Read more

The more the merrier?

From July 1st, an SMSF can now have up to 6 members. Allowing a couple can have up to 4 of their children as members. But is this actually a good idea? Read more

Elston hires head of philanthropic services

Published on Financial Standard
Elston has welcomed a new head of philanthropic services, bringing 20 years' experience in similar roles. Susan Chenoweth has taken the role at Elston, joining from Australian Philanthropic Services where she served as head of the APS Foundation. Read more

Get to the Bottom of Your To-Do List

"Is estate planning that niggly job you never quite get to?" On the top of your to-do list is probably signing up to a gym, reading more books or spending more time with family. But what’s at the bottom of your list? Read more

Shopping around for a financial adviser

Recent times has had everyone thinking about what’s important in life. It also got some people wondering if they needed to shop around for a financial adviser who could help them to invest for the future. Read more

Cyber-snakes and how to resist their charms

Unlike real snakes, cyber snakes are quite charming. They offer to help you. They promise great riches. They pretend to be someone you know and trust. Read more

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

In the past year or so, thousands of self managed super fund trustees have been sent letters by the ATO warning them that their investment strategy might breach super fund rules. So, why is the ATO so worried about this? And is self managed super fund diversification really that important? Read more

Are you in sync with your finances?

Synchronised swimming may be one of the strangest events of them all. It's also one of the most inspiring. Seeing everyone moving together, in harmony, towards a common goal is beautiful. Wouldn't it be great if you could see the same sort of beauty in the way you save and invest? What if, instead of swimming against the tide, you were in better sync with your finances? Read more

How to avoid a Self Managed Super Flop

Self-managed super funds are very popular. Especially for people who want to have greater control and transparency. But not every SMSF works to its full potential. To help you make the most of your SMSF, here are 5 things you really need to think about to avoid your fund turning into a flop. Read more