EOFY Philanthropy

The season of giving

We often refer to Christmas as the season for giving. But in reality, EOFY is one of the most popular times for philanthropy. When reviewing your client’s affairs, it's worthwhile to discuss the merits of structured giving or supporting a charity. Read more

Finding the adviser that’s right for you

Having a good financial adviser can make a huge difference to your current situation and your plans for the future. But how do you find an adviser with genuine credentials who you can trust? Read more

A brilliant Board decision

The recent decision to invite Lynda McKie onto the Elston Board has been warmly welcomed by workmates, clients and colleagues. In this video Lynda tells us what she sees as the Board’s purpose, and what skills and attitudes she wants to bring to her new role. Read more

Do sophisticated investors need
a safety net?

A growing number of Australian investors are now meeting the criteria of ‘sophisticated investor.’ But should they be looking into what kinds of protections they may be giving up, before they leap into it? Read more

Elston Explains:
Individually Managed Accounts

In this video, Elston Co-Founder and Wealth Adviser Peter McVeigh explains what individually managed accounts are, and tells us how they can help to deliver tax and transparency benefits. Read more

Financial resolutions for the new year

The start of a new year is always a good time to review your finances and put some measures in place for the future. To help you reset, and form some positive habits for this year, we’ve draw up a list of 9 resolutions that can help keeping your finances in check. Read more

Unwrap your finances

Over the break you might find time to chat about your dreams and hopes for the years ahead. To help make the most of those discussions, our advisers have shared their thoughts on topics worth unwrapping. Read more

Elston Explains: Recontribution Strategy

In this video, Senior Private Wealth Adviser Cameron Felice tells us about how the recontribution strategy works, and he gives us an example of how he used it to help one of his clients. Read more

Effective ways to donate to charity

With the festive season fast approaching, giving back becomes front of mind for many of us. Those with children or younger family members also start to think about how to use this time of year to teach our loved ones that much joy comes from what you give and not what you receive. Read more