How to make a new year budget resolution that sticks

Is budgeting one of your new year’s resolutions? Well, we asked Elston Strategy Adviser, Dean Ireland for some tips on how to make a budget you can stick with right through 2020. Read more

What Is Your Adviser Studying For?

At Elston, we have always believed in delivering quality advice, setting the highest of ethical standards and putting our clients at the centre of every decision we make. We are very happy to see lazy advisers move out of the industry. And we are dedicated to supporting the advisers at Elston who work hard to achieve recognised qualifications and credentials. Read more

Is It Best to Reinvest?

Some investors like to participate in Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs). It’s a concept that has been popular for a number of years. So how do these plans work? Read more

Forget About Life in the Fast Lane

When some people think about financial advisers, they may imagine a glamorous world of fast cars, flashy suits and high-pressure trading. Surely, creating wealth for people is exciting and glamourous? Well, it may surprise you to know, that in reality, we financial advisers are a pretty dull bunch. Read more

Cyber-snakes and how to resist their charms

Unlike real snakes, cyber snakes are quite charming. They offer to help you. They promise great riches. They pretend to be someone you know and trust. Read more

Looking to trim down your life insurance premiums?

It probably comes as no surprise that good health is a good thing when it comes to life insurance premiums. Obviously, you can’t do much about your medical history, but there are some factors that impact your premiums that you can control. Read more

When you go up to heaven, will you be trapped in the cloud?

Virtually all of your life is online. So maybe you should be thinking about your afterlife. What’s going to happen to your Facebook footprint after you’re gone? And what about Youtube and Netflix and Linkedin? Read more

The Adviceberg

What people think a financial adviser does, and what they really do, are often two very different things. At Elston we call this the adviceberg effect. At the tip of the adviceberg, people might see just one aspect of our work, e.g. investments. But below the surface, there’s so much more. Read more

The more the merrier?

From July 1st, an SMSF can now have up to 6 members. Allowing a couple can have up to 4 of their children as members. But is this actually a good idea? Read more