Cyber-snakes and how to resist their charms

Unlike real snakes, cyber snakes are quite charming. They offer to help you. They promise great riches. They pretend to be someone you know and trust. Read more

How is your NFP surviving COVID?

With a significant blow to fundraising revenue during the COVID crisis and a simultaneous shift in the way government funding is being provided, charities and not-for-profit organisations have found themselves at a financial crossroads. Read more

What are the concerns around early access to super?

With over half a million Australians making use of the governments early release of superannuation scheme, there may be some unintended consequence they haven’t considered. Sunitha Williams shares her thoughts with Ausbiz. Read more

Is super insurance shifting from automatic to manual?

A level of life insurance and total and permanent disablement cover, and in some cases income protection, was often automatically provided when people joined a super fund. Recent legislative changes are designed to change that. Read more

Are investors caving into prehistoric instincts?

What seems to be emerging is a sense that some modes of thinking that served humans well in prehistoric times can be counterproductive in today’s financial jungle, particularly in times of market correction. Can these biases be overcome? Read more

This year calls for 2020 vision

This year has thrown grey clouds over a lot of well planned futures. But if you peer through the gloom and focus on what’s possible, it soon becomes clear that there may be some opportunities out there. Read more

How to avoid a Self Managed Super Flop

Self-managed super funds are very popular. Especially for people who want to have greater control and transparency. But not every SMSF works to its full potential. To help you make the most of your SMSF, here are 5 things you really need to think about to avoid your fund turning into a flop. Read more

Shopping around for a financial adviser

This year has everyone thinking about what’s important in life. It’s also got some people wondering if they need to shop around for a financial adviser who can help them to invest for the future. Read more

Can an SMSF put you in the driver’s seat?

I’m a bit sick of COVID 19 controlling my life at the moment. I know it’s important. I can keep my distance. I can stay out of the office and hunker down in my tiny Sydney apartment. I can live the lockdown life. It’s for the common good, so sure, count me in. I’m just not loving the feeling that someone else is in control of my life. Read more