Value? Growth? Or both?

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The hidden monster monopolies of the ASX

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4 Companies with the pricing power to combat inflation

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Is your asset allocation drifting off course?

It’s all too easy for asset allocations to drift with the whims of the market. To some investors this might not seem to be much of a problem, but when you consider that asset allocation is the primary driver of returns over the longer term, there’s a real danger when allocations drift with the whims of the market. Read more

Buy Hold Sell: 6 beaten-down stocks ready for a rebound

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Why do companies buy their shares back?

Why would a company that’s issued shares to raise capital, later decide that they want to buy some of those shares back? Well, there are a few reasons why they might decide to take this action. Read more

We hear good things about Cochlear

Cochlear Ltd (COH) is a global leader in implantable hearing solutions with products sold in around 180 countries. Read more

How to rotate your portfolio like a pro in 2022

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