We could be waiting quite a while

We recently wrote about the ongoing pain for savers, given the likelihood of very low cash and deposit rates going forward. Unfortunately, this outlook has been reaffirmed by the latest RBA announcements. Read more

A healthy outlook for Ramsay (ASX: RHC)

Ramsay Health Care (ASX: RHC) is a global health care company with a reputation for operating high-quality services and delivering excellent patient care. Ramsay facilities cater for a broad range of health care needs from primary care to highly complex surgery, as well mental health care and rehabilitation. Read more

Staying on course in 2020

None of us could have anticipated a year quite like 2020, all hands were on deck and all the Elston skills and processes held true as we navigated choppy waters. Read more

Elston Asset Management is growing

Read what Money Management Australia has to say about Artem Zainitdinov and David Seager, joining the team. Read more

Cash and burn

Savers really have been burned by the low returns from cash. This has been highlighted again with Reserve Bank data that shows the average ‘special’ rate on $10,000 retail deposits (all terms) fell from 0.95% in March to 0.80% in June. Read more

Reporting Season Update

Reporting Season Update

Is the tech tailwind just hot air?

Since mid-June this year, Information Technology Sector and online Consumer Discretionary companies have enjoyed quite a tailwind. Is this boost to prices sustainable or are speculators headed for the same kind of tech wreck that we saw 20 years ago? Read more

The Super Conundrum

Is early access to super the answer to the COVID crisis? Damon Bensein shares his thoughts with Ausbiz. Read more