An adventure of a lifetime

In the early hours of 20 January, 17 Elston staff boarded a flight bound for Nepal, the first of many steps during this life-changing adventure.

The team had a 5-day trekking journey ahead of them, organised by one of Elston’s own, Cian O’Brolchian. Starting in Chetchet, the goal was to trek the Rolwaling Himal, ending at the breathtaking Tsho Rolpa Lake.

After arriving in Kathmandu, the group travelled 10 hours by bus on the rough roads to Chetchet (1,370m), the starting point of the trek, before making a steep ascent in the fading light to Simigaun (1,900m). The villagers welcomed everyone warmly with dinner and glasses of Chang – a thick rice wine. After a good night’s rest, the team set out for Dongang (2,800m), a beautiful little village next to a glacial river, where everyone had the chance to chat, relax and enjoy dinner, before settling in for the night.

The team woke the next morning to a blanket of snow. Setting off towards Beding (3,700m), it was clear that the day’s trek would be a difficult one. Luckily, the trees sheltered everyone from the snow and wind for the first few hours. However, as the team trekked higher and the vegetation lessened, they were more exposed to the elements. Some members of the group started to feel the effects of the altitude and cold. Nevertheless, everyone worked well together, supporting each other through the last few challenging hours of the trek.

Once in Beding, traditional Nepalese food was served, before the team took a well-deserved rest. The morning sun encouraged the trekkers on as it rose over the spectacular Himalayan peaks. They began the day’s trek towards the village of Naa but when the team reached 4,000m, it was clear that the knee-deep snow was set to worsen. Revaluating the risks of a possible avalanche, frost bite and exhaustion, they decided to turn back to ensure the safety of all. Once back in Beding, the rest of the afternoon was spent exploring a Buddhist monastery, visiting the locals and celebrating the group’s achievements at the lodge.

The next day, the team journeyed back to Simigaun, enjoying a Sherpa party in the evening. Finally, they travelled to Kathmandu to see the sights and relax, before the flight home. The Elston trekkers would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Sherpa staff for their hospitality, and to Cian for making this unforgettable trip possible. For more information about treks and climbs around the world, check out