Medibank Private (MPL) - diagnosed with a bad case of government intervention

As is always the case when you are trying to figure out what will happen going forward (essentially what investment management entails), you have to expect the unexpected. The stock in focus this month is Medibank Private (MPL). Read more

Chipping in for a good cause

Ever since we launched the Elston Philanthropic Service (EPS) to help our clients connect with causes that are close to their hearts, team members at different Elston branches have been inspired to begin their own philanthropic journeys. Read more

Staff Profile - Paul Pavlic

Staff Profile - Paul Pavlic

Since his start as a Senior Relationship Manager in February 2019, Paul has been a lively addition to the Brisbane team. His positive, go-getter attitude really does flow to those around him. Read more

Is your insurance crying out for change?

When there’s a change in your life (like a newborn, a new house, or a new job) that’s probably a good time to see if your insurance needs to change. Let’s walk you through some of the key things to consider to see if the policy you’re paying for through your super fund is the right fit for you. Read more

Protecting your money from the scammers

ASIC data suggests they received almost 200,000 reports of scams in 2018, costing everyday Australians over $107 million. But the real cost is much greater, as for every fraud reported, there are others that go unreported. How do you protect yourself, and your investments? Read more

Doris Day was okay without a leading man

Do you know what I love about Doris Day? It’s not just the songs like Sentimental Journey, and movie roles, like Calamity Jane. It’s her resilience. Read more

Quarterly Asset Allocation
Purchase of  Clydesdale Bank (CYB.ASX)

Purchase of  Clydesdale Bank (CYB.ASX)

Across investor accounts that have selected the "Income" Australian Equity option, we have bought Clydesdale Bank (CYB), the UK based full-service bank focused on consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Read more

If franking credits go, will retirees be in hot water?

If franking credits go, will retirees be in hot water?

With the federal election looming, there’s been a lot of discussion about the ALP’s policy on franking credits. Everyone’s keen to know if there’s trouble brewing for retirees, or if it’s all just a storm in a teacup. Read more