Do you know what I love about Doris Day? It’s not just the songs like Sentimental Journey, and movie roles, like Calamity Jane. It’s her resilience. Despite the ups and downs of four marriages, she just kept picking herself up, dusting herself off and getting on with life, without a leading man.

Her biggest challenge was when she had to deal with bankruptcy and reboot her career on television. Of course, most women don’t have that Hollywood option. So how do your clients secure an income and rebuild their lives as they step into a new future? A positive attitude is a big part of it. And Doris had that in spades.

What your clients probably don’t need is a Que Sera Sera approach. Shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘whatever will be, will be’ is not the way to walk into a settlement negotiation. They need to be armed with information, know what their finances look like and what they need to secure for a calamity-free future.

I’ve been working with family lawyers for many years, helping to reduce their clients’ stress by removing a lot of the financial uncertainty that comes with separation. It can make such a difference to the final outcome. Especially when I get to collaborate with the legal team early.

So, what’s my advice? Team up with a financial planner who’s positive, professional and able to paint a financial picture that makes sense. And help your clients to find their inner Doris Day.

Lynda McKie
Senior Wealth Adviser


About Lynda.
This article was written by Lynda McKie, Senior Wealth Adviser. I’m a Certified Financial Planner with a Bachelor of Commerce, well qualified to advise clients on how best to build and preserve their wealth. My sensitive approach enables my clients to comfortably communicate their lifestyle goals and plans for the future. Having completed advanced collaborative family law training, I also deliver neutral advice to parties engaged in non-court based dispute resolution. Working alongside leading Accredited Family Law Specialists, I focus on creating positive outcomes in the client’s best interests. I offer expert advice in financial settlement matters involving family businesses, corporate structures and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. I’m committed to helping my clients achieve financial independence, during this significant life event.