Businesses can be hard work. Families can be difficult. And when you put those two dynamics together, the challenges everyone faces can be quite unique. Especially if you’re a woman.

Elston Adviser Lynda McKie and Women in Family Business (WIFB) Managing Director Susanne Bransgrove know just what that’s like. When they were younger, they found that navigating company issues as a daughter was tricky at times. They could also see that their mothers were pivotal to the company’s success. Not just because of the work they did, but because they were often the family champions, maintaining peace and harmony as they kept the lines of communication open.

This common experience, and their shared values, drew Lynda and Susanne together on LinkedIn. It’s a connection that has strengthened over time and has now culminated in a collaboration between Elston and WIFB.

They have already started creating content that is as instructive as it is inspiring. By sharing their experience, they’re striving to give women in family businesses greater confidence for the future.
Lynda is keen to talk about the importance of collaboration. She also knows that education on business financials can be extremely empowering. Susanne is providing a management perspective and talking about how to handle those tough conversations.

The videos are going to be great to watch and they’ll also be packed with useful information. Elston clients and WIFB members will get the tools they need to tackle everything from family squabbles to end of year financials.

Elston’s collaboration with WIFB promises to be an exciting venture, and it’s easy to get involved. If you would like to know more, visit their website.

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