Ending a relationship can be hard.  In our experience the added stress around financial security can be a significant barrier to moving forward.

Our introduction to a family law client is often initiated by a Practitioner identifying a high level of anxiety created by financial uncertainty or complexity. Leading Family Lawyers recognise that negotiating a property settlement for a client who is unrealistic or fearful about their financial future, can cause unnecessary distress and delays to resolution.

Thoughtful questioning by a specialist Financial Planner can assist clients to articulate a new, realistic picture of their future lifestyle. Based on these lifestyle goals and feedback from the client’s legal professional, a Financial Planner can identify the cashflow the client will need and provide guidance on how to generate this cash flow from the property pool and other resources.

Often there is an imbalance in the level of financial knowledge within a relationship. Financial Planners can help balance the scales for the client at a disadvantage, identifying the areas of weakness and providing education and support.

The involvement of a specialist Financial Planner can improve the efficiency of the client’s matter by assisting to collate financial information. Alleviating the risk to legal advisers, Financial Planners can provide guidance on which assets are right for the client based on their goals and demonstrate in easy to understand language and graphs, the immediate and long-term outcomes.

Working collaboratively with a Financial Planner simply makes sense. It’s much more productive than trying to make the best of a situation after settlement when there is no opportunity to do things differently. A team approach ensures the client is well prepared, confident and ready to make important decisions.

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