Usually when markets start swinging wildly, financial advisers start reaching out to their clients, and making themselves available for as many meetings as possible. But of course, this crisis is different.

Just when financial advisers want to stay close to their clients, and clients are looking for more updates, they’re being encouraged to keep their distance.

So how can the possible anxiety of a forced separation be overcome? Video conferencing is part of the answer. At Elston we believe that SMAs can help too. With a managed account structure, your client portfolios are being constantly monitored and adjusted in real time by investment professionals. And because there’s no need for a client meeting to make changes, the portfolio managers can identify and act on opportunities with extreme agility.

When you know that your clients’ portfolios are being managed proactively, you get to focus on other things. Like your client relationship, and your business, and your health.

Elston Asset Management is one of Australia’s largest providers of managed account solutions. We bring deep experience and a disciplined investment process as we monitor and rebalance portfolios to a set strategic asset allocation. If you want to know more about SMAs and how they can help your clients through this period of enforced social distancing, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 ELSTON or email