Elston Asset Management (EAM) has added Justin Woerner, Michael Wong and Ivan Dadic.

Woerner had joined six months ago, from Hyperion Asset Management, where he had helped Hyperion grow from a boutique offering to a business worth $6.5 billion.

Wong had been added as a senior quantitative analyst and had over 18 years’ experience, including at Wilson HTM and DNR Capital.

Dadic had joined to help expand their distribution team in New South Wales and the ACT.

He had over 10 years’ experience in South Africa and Australia, including previous work as business development manager with IOOF Group.

Andrew McKie, EAM co-founder and portfolio manager, said they added experienced people and specialist skills to a growing team that kept balance between evolving the business and maintaining stability.

“Our investment process incorporates a teams-based structure and quorum approach to decision making, which reduces both individual biases and key person risk found in traditional funds management structures,” McKie said.