Purchase of TPG Telecom (ASX:TPM)

Purchase of TPG Telecom (ASX:TPM)

Across client accounts that have selected the “Growth” Australian Equity option, we have bought TPG Telecom (TPM). TPM is a telecommunications company that provides services for retail, wholesale and corporate customers across a range of telecommunications services including voice, internet and data solutions. Read more

The true cost of health care

There is a common misconception in Australia that all major medical expenses will be fully covered by Medicare and private health insurance. Read more

Super opportunities for older Australians

As we all live longer, and potentially continue to work later in life, the need to make superannuation contributions at an older age grows. It has long been the case that once you reach the age of 65, the ability to add to your super is greatly restricted. However, these rules are gradually changing, and as a result, there are now many opportunities to add to your super after your 65th birthday. Read more

Share Buybacks – The Pros and Cons

A share buyback gives existing shareholders the option to sell their personal stakes back to the company. Read more

Elston Explorers

In the early hours of 20 January, 17 Elston staff boarded a flight bound for Nepal, the first of many steps during this life-changing adventure. Read more

Choosing a Financial Planner in Sydney 2019

The City of Sydney’s Gross Regional Product Is almost one quarter of New South Wales’ total GSP^. It’s not difficult to see why Sydney attracts some of the best financial planners in the country. The market is rich with capital and finance savvy individuals. Both financial planners and their clients can afford to be selective. Read more

Reliance Worldwide (RWC)

The stock in focus this month is Reliance Worldwide (RWC). RWC design and manufacture plumbing fittings and valves that are used in residential and commercial buildings. They produce a premium product known for its high quality and reliability. Their flagship product is the Sharkbite push-to-connect (PTC) pipefitting. Read more