It’s all about trust and respect

To be able to help you live the life you want, we believe we must first earn your trust and respect, to make you feel truly comfortable. With this in mind, we provide investment solutions with the following features:

Legal ownership

Elston directly invests your money, which enables us to provide increased certainty that your money will always remain yours, and will be accessible when you need it.


We understand that you need to be able to access funds quickly to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. Elston’s investment solutions allow you to segregate assets to facilitate accessibility, so you can manage risk and capitalise on opportunities.


Elston’s direct investment approach allows you to know exactly where your money is, and what you’re paying for advice, giving you total peace of mind.


We respect that the funds you trust us with are yours. Elston’s investment solutions are in your name and your name only. This provides you with access to your money, if and when you need it.

Tax efficiency

Elston believes the easiest way to improve your return without adding risk is to reduce the tax you pay. Our investment solutions consider your personal tax situation, allowing us to customise a strategy that gives you the best result.


Elston’s investment solutions are carefully customised, taking into account your tax position, return requirements and risk tolerance, to best fit your life.

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