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Workplace giving

A culture of giving

Giving back has always been a big part of who we are. Right from the day Elston was founded, there was a genuine desire to give to charity and reach out to organisations in the community who needed help.

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We believe in a better future

We believe in a better future

Giving time and money to good causes is something everyone at Elston loves to do. That’s why we established a workplace giving program in 2019 that has evolved over the years to become the Better Future Fund.

Who will you nominate?

Who will you nominate?

The Better Future Fund is powered by the nominations you make. Tell us about a cause that’s close to your heart. For a small organisation, a Better Future Fund grant can mean a lot. For example, when we gave $3500 to Solar Buddy, they were able to supply 100 solar powered lights to communities without electricity.


Here are some of the charities we've supported over the years

  • Animal Welfare League
  • Beyond Blue
  • Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital
  • Cancer Council – Shitbox Rally
  • Changemakers
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Drought Angels
  • First Light Widowed Foundation
  • Free 3D Hands
  • Gold Coast Half Marathon
  • Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
  • Hands Across Canberra
  • Helena’s House
  • Kids Xpress
  • Kokoda Youth Foundation
  • Leukemia Foundation
  • Men of Business Academy
  • Mental Awareness
  • Movember
  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • NV Access
  • Our House
  • OzHarvest
  • Rally for a Cause
  • Rare Ovarian Cancer Inc.
  • Royal Flying Doctors
  • Rural Fire Brigades Assoc. Qld
  • Solar Buddy
  • Suited to Success
  • Womens Legal Services
  • World Wildlife Fund for Nature Aust.
A small sacrifice can make a big difference

A small sacrifice can make a big difference

You can make a pre-tax salary sacrifice contribution to the Better Future Fund. It doesn’t have to be much. As little as $5 a week, about the price of a takeaway coffee, can make such a big difference.


Doubling through dollar matching

Doubling through dollar matching

The Elston shareholders have pledged to match every dollar contributed by you and your teammates. So, if you contribute $1000 to the Better Future Fund, Elston will kick in another $1,000.

Any volunteers?

Any volunteers?

Volunteer Days are a great way to really connect with the charities we support. Everyone at Elston can apply for a day off to volunteer. It can be hard work (cooking, cleaning and caring) but it also be a lot of fun.

“Every dollar you give to the Better Future Fund is matched by Elston. So the power of your giving, and the impact you can make, really is amplified.”

Justin Woerner

FAQs answered by the committee

Q: What is the BFF?

The BFF is Elston’s Better Future Fund, a sub-fund of the Elston Giving Foundation. It’s used to deliver Elston’s charitable giving initiatives and is open to contributions from both Elston and external contributors. The Elston Giving Committee is made up of volunteers from the Elston business who administer the BFF and provide guidance to the trustee of Elston Giving Foundation around charity recipients.

Q: I thought BFFs were best friends forever. Is that a coincidence?

The name is a happy coincidence. We actually chose the name Better Future Fund because the Elston vision is A Better Future3. So, the Better Future Fund is a perfect reflection of what we believe as a team. Of course, the people who get involved with workplace giving often become BFFs too. Especially when they go on volunteer days together.

Q: What is Elston Workplace Giving?

Elston Workplace Giving enables Elston employees to contribute to Elston’s Better Future Fund in a tax effective and efficient way via fortnightly payroll deductions. All contributions are voluntary and confidential.

Q: How do I nominate a charity to receive support from the BFF?

Charity nominations are open to all Elston team members, and grants within the range of $1000-$10000 are available. All nominations are reviewed by the Elston Giving Committee and preference is given to those charities which are consistent with the following granting guidelines:

  • Grassroots organisations in Australia
  •  Connected to the communities where Elston operates
  •  Registered charity status (DGR Tier 1)
  •  Working in diverse areas, e.g. environment, youth, indigenous, women and girls, the arts, etc.
  • Creating a better future for all to thrive

To nominate a charity, please complete the nomination form located here

Q: Why has the Elston Giving Committee structure been changed?

Moving to the Better Future Fund, a sub-fund of the Elston Giving Foundation enables our workplace giving to be more sustainable. It opens the BFF to receive internal (Elston team members and shareholders) and external contributions (fundraising activities, Elston clients). The structure of the Elston Giving Foundation also means that funds can be invested and managed with the aim of building a legacy for future charitable giving.

Q: Is it just staff contributing to the BFF?

No. Elston shareholders have kindly offered to dollar match employee contributions into the Better Future Fund. This means that e.g. if staff contributions for the year are $20,000, the total after dollar-matching will be $40,000. This is in effect doubling the impact of your charitable support. Also, because the BFF is a sub-fund in a public ancillary fund, external contributions from clients and fundraising activities can be accepted.

Q: I already give to charity. What’s the difference?

Workplace giving with Elston is different in a couple of important ways. It’s a salary sacrifice, so there are immediate tax advantages. The charities we support are often smaller, low-profile causes that can struggle to be seen and attract the funds they need to continue their work. You get to nominate causes that are close to your heart, and if that nomination is successful, the donation can be significant – much bigger than you could have contributed individually. People also feel more connected to the charities we support. That’s because we often invite them to speak at PD Days. We rub shoulders with the charity workers at volunteer days. And we get direct feedback on how the money is spent. It’s great to see tangible results and to know that we’re making a real difference.

Q: I’m keen to support a charity via volunteering- how do I get involved?

Elston provides up to 1 day per year paid leave to support charities in our communities through volunteer work. Preference is given to teams-based volunteering activities, and working in a group is often fun and rewarding. If you are interested in participating, please speak to your team leader.

Q: Why do I have to give? Didn’t Elston previously fund Elston Giving Committee?

We would love you to be involved, but of course, making contributions is completely voluntary. One of the reasons we’ve moved to the Better Future Fund and opened the way to workplace giving is that we believe it’s a more equitable way of supporting Elston’s charitable giving. Previously, contributions were made from a combination of staff profit share allocations and contributions by Elston Shareholders, the former of which only applied to those on the profit share structure. Elston shareholders will continue to dollar match any contributions made into the Better Future Fund, however now everybody has the opportunity to be involved.

Q: Can family/friends/clients contribute to the Better Future Fund?

Yes! One of the features of the Elston Better Future Fund is it can receive contributions from both internal and external supporters. External contributions can also attract a tax deduction and provide a great avenue for fundraising and external client participation.

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