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Experienced. Disciplined. Focused.



In Australian Equities we manage a large cap and small cap fund strategy, each focused on their specific universe.



Our investment team is both disciplined and stable, with an average of 20 years industry experience.



We have established a consistent track record of strong risk-adjusted returns since 2012.

Australian Large Companies Fund

With seven years of ASX100 specialisation, Elston is proud to offer The Australian Large Companies Fund, a fund with focus. We focus on the detail that can deliver opportunities. We focus on a balance of value and growth in the portfolio. And we focus exclusively on the big end of town, never drifting down into the ASX200 or ASX300. We are true to label.

"Active investment with a strict focus on just the top 100 companies has been proven to work, time and again."

Andrew McKie, CIO

* With reference to cumulative return of the Elston Australian Large Companies Portfolio of 138.90% (13.25% p.a.) versus the S&P/ASX 100 Accumulation Index of 108.70% (11.08% p.a.) over the last 7 years as at 30 November 2019. The cumulative investment performance is AFTER investment management fees, but before administration fees and taxes. The returns have been calculated on a daily basis taking into account transactions costs. Benchmark market return is the cumulative performance of the ASX100 Accumulation index. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance returns.Source: Elston & HUB24.

Australian Emerging Leaders

Australian Emerging Leaders

The Elston Australian Emerging Leaders (EAEL) strategy is focused on identifying high quality businesses outside the ASX100. The EAEL is a concentrated portfolio that is quite different to the benchmark, but also captures a large degree of the diversification benefits within that universe.

"We strive to identify businesses which fall into our identified sweet spot - high quality, lower risk and purchasable at a reasonable price."

Justin Woerner, Portfolio Manager

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A focused approach to investment

The Elston investment approach is designed to provide certainty for investors and consistency of results over the long term. It’s an approach that’s built around the five Ps.

  1. 1.A philosophy of looking to long term returns.
  2. 2.A policy of avoiding speculative investments.
  3. 3.A process of screening, assessment and action.
  4. 4.People with experience working in collaboration.
  5. 5.Performance that aligns to agreed parameters.
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Elston Investor Team

An award winning investment team

The Elston Asset Management investment team consists of nine investment professionals who have worked together as a team for more than seven years. They are led by the four AEQ portfolio managers who are also shareholders in the business: Andrew McKie, Bruce Williams, Justin Woerner and Leon de Wet.

Elston recently won the Australian Equities category at the IMAP Awards against some of the leading AEQ investment managers in the country. This kind of recognition is no small part due to Elston’s robust and disciplined investment process, and the skill and discipline of the Elston investment team.

Meet the team

Our philosophy is simple

We believe that the most effective way to achieve true diversification from traditional markets is through actively managing portfolios, and taking a disciplined, benchmark unaware approach. The tenets of our investment philosophy are:

  • Protection of capital
  • Style Neutral approach
  • Investment discipline
  • Tax aware investment approach
  • Focus on Long term returns
  • Genuine portfolio diversity
  • Low tolerance for illiquidity
  • Proactive investment communication

Model portfolios

In addition to our Australian Large Companies Fund, Elston has established a strong track record across a range of multi-asset class managed account portfolios. Performance data, costs and platform availability can be viewed in detail on our model portfolios page.

  • Elston Australian Equities
  • Elston High Growth
  • Elston Growth
  • Elston Balanced
  • Elston Moderate
  • Elston Conservative
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More Info

Want to know more?

If you’re an asset consultant, institutional fund manager, NFP trustee or wholesale investor who wants to know more about how our AEQ specialisation can work for you, please get in touch.

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