Pros & cons of yield differentials and hedging costs

Pros & cons of yield differentials and hedging costs

Investments overseas via managed funds or ETFs can expose investors to potential adverse currency movements, which impact performance in local currency terms. Read more

Growth Model - Investment Policy Change

Growth Model - Investment Policy Change

For client accounts that have selected the “Growth” Australian Equity option we have made two enhancements to the investment policy. Read more

The evolution of Elston continues

At Elston, we have a strong focus on evolution and innovation. To reflect this, our logo features a double helix DNA strand, which reinforces our intrinsic commitment to provide customised financial solutions. Read more

Know a good financial adviser? We know four.

Know a good financial adviser? We know four.

After careful scrutiny of Australia’s best financial advisers, Barron's have named Elston four times in their Top 50! Read more

Company Snapshot - AMP The feeling is not mutual!

Whenever a stock in the Portfolio suffers a steep price drop, the Portfolio Managers are faced with the task of looking at the reasons behind the fall and deciding whether it changes the long-term investment thesis for the security. This requires us to revisit our reasoning behind the ongoing investment decision and incorporate the new information - and then look forward. Read more

Understanding the claims process

The true value of good wealth protection advice is realised when you make a successful claim on an insurance policy. Ultimately, the sole purpose of having an insurance policy is receiving a successful payout, when you need it most. Read more

Franking credits changes could cost retirees dearly

The recent announcement from the Labor Party that it plans to abolish the refunding of franking credits has caused much concern amongst Elston clients. This measure, aimed squarely at self funded retirees, is the latest in a string of attacks retirees have had to cope with. Read more

operating leverage

Be a wiser adviser

Your clients look to you for advice. So it’s important that you have all the latest information. That’s why we’ve just updated the resource centre on our website. Read more