Bond Market Jargon 101

Like equity markets, the bond market has its own jargon that can be confusing, with terms like ‘Yield Curve’ and ‘Credit Spreads’. So what does it all mean? Read more

Kelly Stubberfield Financial Planner

Kelly Stubberfield

Kelly has more than 10 years experience in the financial services industry and understands the importance of working closely with clients whilst providing strategic advice to ensure that they achieve their goals. Read more

Strategy solutions post budget

Strategy solutions post budget

Click through to watch our video: Strategy solutions post budget Read more

Retirement Planning? A Tailored Financial Plan is The Key to Success.

For most Australians, the definition of retirement means different things to different people. Whereas previously to retire meant a departure from paid employment, nowadays lifestyle factors affect our work-life cycle and, for some, retirement has morphed into a combination of semi retirement, career change, lifestyle change and travel. Read more

Elston Budget Summary 2016

On May 3 2016, Treasurer Scott Morrison released his first Federal Budget. It was a budget that included significant changes to superannuation rules, as well as tweaks to a number of other limits and thresholds. As a result, it could significantly affect the retirement plans of many Australians. Read more