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Composition of the ASX 200 index

The performances of big companies like the banks are critical in driving the index performance, while other better performing, but much smaller companies, may make little contribution. Read more

Ongoing business income for income protection

Businesses with ongoing business income may include any business where the size or structure would remain an ongoing concern for a period of time longer than six months if the insured was not there. Read more

Residential aged care de-mystified

The Aged Care system can be quite daunting. It is not easy to understand how it all works, and recent changes to the funding of care have not made it any easier. So let’s take a quick look. Read more

ELSTON BUSINESS SEMINAR: Find out how to turn the FOFA reforms from obstacle to opportunity

News Bytes - Elston’s Joe McCarthy on his way to CFA

Nothing succeeds quite like success, something Elston Intern Joe McCarthy is finding out. Joe recently passed his first CFA exam, putting him well on the way to becoming an analyst for Elston. Read more

Adviser profile - Leon de Wet

A true international, Leon began his career with a large accounting firm in Johannesburg which provided him with the opportunity to live in the USA for 18 months. Read more