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Best funds of 2023 stick with bitcoin, big tech bets

The Australian Financial Review has recently named Elston Australian Emerging Leaders in their top performers 2023. Read the article to find out more. Read more

Directing the matrix: Meeting the advice needs of high net worth clients

HUB24 announced the launch of a new whitepaper, ‘Directing the matrix: meeting the advice needs of high net worth clients’. Read now to get insights from Elston Head of Philanthropic Services Susan Chenoweth and many other experienced advisers. Read more

The case for investing in familiar territory (and 2 ASX stock ideas)

Investing in what you are passionate about, or even what you consume everyday, can give you an edge. Find out what local stock Elston Co-Founder Bruce Williams has in mind. Read more

How to implement managed portfolios in your business

What should advisers think about as they move to managed portfolios? Elston Head of Adviser Services Mark Smith shared his views on how to successfully make the transition. Read more

LiveWire Live 2023:
Are we still The Lucky Country?

We all know Australia is the lucky country, but could it soon be the luckiest? Elston Co-founder Andrew McKie believes it may be possible, and advisers need to take heed. Read more

6 shocking predictions for 2024 and beyond

Andrew McKie joined 5 other industry leaders at LiveWire Live 2023 as they presented their shocking prediction for the future. What did he predict? And is it good news or bad news? Read more

Reporting Season Update September 2023

Portfolio Manager Leon de Wet has provided a brief overview of the recent reporting season results and what that indicates for future earnings and the portfolio positioning. Read more

Dividends are up, but only one of our 2 big supermarkets is a buy

Are our two big supermarkets worth checking out? Read the latest Livewire Markets article to see what Elston Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager Bruce Williams thinks. Read more

After dropping 67% in 5 years, can this company turn the ship around?

Should investors buy AMP or bypass it? See what Elston co-founder and portfolio manager Andrew McKie thinks and find out how he’s feeling about the ASX100 in general. Read more

Elston Quarterly Portfolio Update July 2023

In this video, Portfolio Manager Leon de Wet provides his perspective on the key questions discussed in the recent quarterly asset allocation meeting. Read more

Stock in Focus - Limited (CAR)

What makes Carsales such an attractive stock? Elston Portfolio Manager Bruce Williams examines the key drivers that are working for this digital marketplace both here and overseas. Read more

The bond black hole – what happened?

Last year, some bond indices fell into a black hole. Are good returns from fixed income investing still a galaxy far, far away? Or are there brighter days on the horizon? Read more

Buy Hold Sell: 5 ASX stocks for the "goldilocks" scenario

In the latest Livewire's edition of Buy Hold Sell, Andrew McKie talked about which ASX-listed stocks he would want to own (or not own) in a Goldilocks scenario. Read more

How to find the highest quality large-cap stocks on the ASX

Elston Co-Founder Andrew McKie sat down with Han Lee from Livewire and Rob Crookston from WILSONS to discuss how they find “quality” companies on the ASX. Read more

Buy Hold Sell: 5 large-cap stocks with rock-solid balance sheets

Andrew McKie was asked to analyse three stocks that are widely perceived to have those rock-solid qualities and assess whether they have become overcrowded, and name one quality company in the recent Livewire interview. Read more

How Elston would invest $10,000 right now

If you had a spare $10,000, how would you invest it? It's an interesting hypothetical and one that Elston Portfolio Manager Leon De Wet was happy to answer for Livewrire. Read the article to see his picks. Read more

Will inflation end with a bang?

Inflation has proven to be more stubborn than expected. And so, the Reserve Bank has had no choice but to keep increasing interest rates. What could this mean for company earnings and how might that flow through to portfolios? Read more

Quality stocks

Harder than Origin selection

It’s tough getting selected for State of Origin. But it's tougher to be picked by the Elston Asset Management team. Read this article to learn more about the Elston investment process. Read more

What do advisers look for in an asset management partner?

Watch this short video to see what Clint Abraham believes advisers really want and what they're looking for in an asset manager. Read more

Investing in a choppy market, and 4 ASX stocks to ride it out

Published on LiveWire With volatility likely to come roaring back, here's what it means for your portfolio and some defensive stocks to consider. Read more

Elston Update: Quarterly Asset Allocation Review Q2 2023

In this video, Portfolio Manager Leon de Wet provides his perspective on the key questions discussed in the recent quarterly asset allocation meeting. Read more


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