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A fund with focus

A fund with focus

Our Australian Large Companies Fund is focused exclusively on the ASX100.

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Private Wealth

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About Elston Financial

About Elston

Investment integrity is in our DNA

Elston is a trusted financial service provider. We have exceptional people with specialist credentials. We work to a strict investment process. And we put you at the centre of every decision we make.

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Elston expands BDM team

Published on MoneyManagement Elston Asset Management has hired Peter Vlachos from AMP to join the team as a senior distribution manager. Read more

SHAPE #1: Avoiding a meltdown

In this first issue of SHAPE, our quarterly discussion topic series, Elston portfolio manager Justin Woerner takes a deeper look at what risks mean for investors. Read more

Quality Australian stocks or not? 2 hits (and 3 misses)

Published on Livewire In part one of this series, you heard how Elston Portfolio Manager, views quality stock and how he finds them. In part two, he’ll share the Australian stock that’s bound to be a hit and one you should probably give a miss. Read more

Where to now for equity investors as Value stocks also blow up?

Published on Livewire In the first of this two-part series, Portfolio Manager Justin Woerner talks to Livewire Markets about his view on Quality stocks and how he finds ASX-listed firms that meet his definition. Read more

Value? Growth? Or both?

There are many different investment styles when it comes to portfolio building. While some asset managers adhere strictly to a particular style, Elston chooses a style-neutral approach. In this article, Investment Specialist Georgdie Asprey explains why he thinks that's a good thing. Read more

The hidden monster monopolies of the ASX

Published on Livewire While not technically illegal in Australia, monopolies have always been a touchy subject for regulators. The prospect of "anti-competitive" behaviour is constantly debated and has resulted in the ACCC blocking some massive mergers in recent times Read more

4 Companies with the pricing power to combat inflation

Published on Livewire Inflation has been a huge topic of debate as oil prices continue to spike and supply chains remain constrained. Even fresh produce has fallen victim, with the price of strawberries doubling in some stores. Read more

Is your asset allocation drifting off course?

It’s all too easy for asset allocations to drift with the whims of the market. To some investors this might not seem to be much of a problem, but when you consider that asset allocation is the primary driver of returns over the longer term, there’s a real danger when allocations drift with the whims of the market. Read more

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