After 10 successful years, Elston Group is looking towards steady growth in the future. Elston shareholders have always wanted strong, experienced voices at the table who can bring their own perspectives to key discussions and decisions. That’s why they have now looked outside Elston Group and appointed three respected leaders to a newly formed Elston Advisory Board.

The newly formed Elston Advisory Board complements the existing executive team. Elston has appointed former JB Were and Goldman Sachs managing director Peter Wade, Woolworths Culture and People State Manager for Queensland Melissa Armstrong, and former RBS Chief Executive in Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Chick.

Founding shareholder Andrew McKie said the new advisory board would further foster the culture of continuous improvement through robust discussion across the firm.

“It’s important to challenge ideas and opinions. It’s something that happens within our investment team every day,” McKie said. “It’s a healthy dynamic to enable a business to survive and thrive in an industry with constant change.”

Elston has grown over 20 fold in the last 10 years and has been proactively and progressively recruiting and appointing specialist executive talent to ensure the business can continue to grow and create opportunities for the team.

Mr McKie said “When we first started there was only a handful of us, so we all had to wear multiple hats. But this is not ideal when we think of outcomes for clients, the team, corporate governance and risk management.”

Mr McKie also announced some executive appointments, “I am pleased to announce a dual CEO executive management structure. Damon Bensein, current Head of Elston Private Wealth and Nick Revis, current Head of Elston Asset Management will now be joint CEOs responsible for each division” he said.


Damon Bensein
CEO Elston Private Wealth

Nathalie Bunge-Krueger
Chief Administration Officer

Andrew McKie
Chief Investment Officer

Ben McNamara
Chief Operating Officer

Nick Revis
CEO Elston Asset Management

Glen Mill
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Smith
Head of Elston Adviser Services


Nathalie Bunge-Krueger
Company Secretary

Andrew McKie
Executive Director

Peter McVeigh
Executive Chairman

Bruce Williams
Executive Director


Mel Armstrong
Advisory Board Member

Andrew Chick
Advisory Board Member

Peter Wade
Advisory Board Member