We’re very happy that Angie Ritchie’s husband decided to leave Britain in pursuit of career opportunities. His decision brought Angie to us, just when we needed a clear and logical thinker to sort out our systems and processes and help us move office. Angie was perfect. She has a degree in Mathematical Sciences, which means she’s more logical than Spock. We also think she may know the Vulcan death grip, but we’ve never actually tested that theory.

Anyway, after years of whipping us into shape, she evolved into an EA role. Then, not long after she’d helped us settle into Elston House, her husband moved again in 2017, this time to Sydney.

Of course, once you’re in the Elston family, you can never really leave. That’s why we knew there was only one thing to do. We set up an office in Sydney.

Welcome back Angie.