Ben Coombs talks services and features for new licensees

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5 Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Although life insurance isn’t a simple purchase, many providers claim that they can make it easy and stress-free. But how do you know you’re making the right choices? Here are five common mistakes you should try to avoid. Read more

APRA’s Capital Benchmark at a glance

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Stock in Focus - Janus Henderson Group (JHG)

The stock in focus this month is Janus Henderson Group (JHG). Here, we take a look at how this merger complemented both businesses to create an even greater whole. Read more

Purchase of Commonwealth Bank (CBA)

Purchase of Commonwealth Bank (CBA)

Across client accounts that have selected the ‘Blend’ & ‘Growth’ Australian equity option we have bought Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). In our view the recent erosion of CBA’s historical premium to its peers (~10-15%) due to operational issues provides an attractive entry point to a quality business. Read more

Separately Managed Accounts. What makes them so appealing?

The simple answer is they suit the circumstances of a lot of investors. But how do you know if they’re right for you? Read more

Has super left your estate up in the air?

For couples where neither member has $1.6 million, it would appear that this change would have no impact. This is not the case however. Read more