Don’t give up on Australia

Historically there had been a reasonably high degree of correlation between the US and Australian share markets, with the old investment adage being “the US sneezes and Australia catches a cold”. Since the GFC this relationship however appears to have broken down, with the US outperforming the Australian share market by more than 6% p.a. or a staggering 95% in total in local currency terms. Read more

10 Top Tips for Successful Financial Planning

Whether you’re an individual, a couple, or a family, it’s never too late to lay the right bedrock on which to build your financial future. Elston Brisbane believes everyone deserves access to the right tools to build and protect their wealth, and have structured 10 Top Tips for Successful Financial Planning, to help you develop a solid foundation for growth. Read more

The 8 keys to online security

As technology evolves, so do the different types of eCrime. Hackers are tireless in their efforts to steal account details so they can make unauthorised purchases and funds transfers. Read more

Canberra Investors: Reviewing Goals Keeps Financial Strategy on Track

At Elston we recommend all investors (clients or otherwise), review their financial situation on an annual basis. Building and protecting wealth requires ongoing review and management. A lot can happen in a year, and your individual goals, limitations and assets may have changed since you embarked on your original investment strategy. Read more

Fairfax (FXJ) - Will the ugly media duckling become a beautiful tech swan?

The stock in focus this month is Fairfax Media (FXJ). A scenario which can provide good long term investment opportunities are situations where industries or companies face fundamental change. Often markets will discount the possibilities that companies in a traditional industry will be able to adapt and prosper as that industry evolves or there is some form of structural change. Read more

Would you trust a friend to recommend a Financial Adviser?

Do you have enough for a self managed super fund?

The growth in self managed super funds (SMSFs) over the last decade has been enormous. Large numbers of retirees have chosen to take control of their superannuation. A current trend however is for younger people to start their own SMSF. Recent statistics compiled by the Australian Tax office show that people under 45 accounted for 44.9% of new SMSF set-ups in the March 2015 quarter. Read more