The winners and losers of inflation

So what is inflation? It refers to the increase in the price of goods or services over time, in other words the loss of real value per unit of money. Read more

Things to do before 30 June

With the end of the financial year upon us, it is a good time to review your situation prior to 30 June. Read further for some common items for you to consider. Read more

Bank Capital Requirements

There has been plenty of press recently around the potential impact of changes to the rules around how much capital our banks are required to hold. But why is the amount of capital held important, and what are the possible impacts from changes to the rules? Read more

Fortescue (FMG) - Caught Between A Red Rock And A Hard Place

The stock in focus this month is Fortescue (FMG). When constructing portfolios and looking specifically at individual stock selection, the stocks that we don’t own can have just as much impact on performance as the ones we do own. Read more