Let super open the door to your new property.

Did you know that superannuation funds are able to borrow to buy investment properties? In particular, this strategy is useful for business owners looking to purchase premises; and individuals looking to improve their tax planning and asset protection arrangements.

The benefits keep building

By using this approach you may be able to:

  • Utilise equity within super to help fund a property purchase;
  • bypass super contribution limits;
  • migrate existing commercial properties into the low tax super structure;
  • free up equity in existing property assets; and
  • acquire property assets with potentially no capital gains tax on eventual sale.

Partner with the experts

Before you use your super to invest in property, invest a few minutes of your time in an information session at Elston. Every couple of weeks we bring together a team of experts who have specialist knowledge of the borrowing and tax structures that are required. Listen to what they have to say. Ask questions.

High quality information with no obligation

Attending an information session with Elston is free. There is no obligation to commit to implementing the strategy, and no product sales pitch. So make sure you come along. Simply fill in your contact details below and hit send. We’ll advise you when the next session is being hosted by your local Elston office.

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